Friday, January 11, 2008

Potty talk

As is typical with most 5 year olds, you never quite know what's will come out of Re-Petes mouth. Case in point:
We were at Wendy's last night eating dinner. Re-Pete decided she needed to go potty "really bad" (scrunched up face and everything). So we hot foot in to the nearest stall. She begins to "push the poopie out". Loudly. With groans. And squeezed shut eyes. With a running diatribe:

"It's stuck Mommy!"
"I'll punch it out" and proceeds to punch herself in the leg and tummy.
"Oh, it's coming!"
"I think it's stuck on some Cobwebs"
"Here it comes! Can you hear it too?"
"It stinks"
"Oooo, look at it"

This is pretty normal bathroom talk for her, except maybe the cobwebs. We walk out of the stall, wash our hands, when another woman walks up to the sink, smiles, and tells me "This was the best bathroom break she's had in a long time"

Ahhh, life with children.


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The Friendly Neighborhood Piper said...

had a few of those conversations myself...

"cobwebs" THAT is extremely HAD to blog that.

you just went on blogwatch.