Thursday, January 03, 2008

Now I've seen it all, I hope

I've been teaching long enough to teach many many siblings. I'm now teaching with a lady I taught many years ago. I've almost been teaching long enough to start teaching the children of my fomer students (ack!). I've seen my students through college, marriage, military service, childbirth, divorce, death of a parent, even the death of several of the students themselves. As you can imagine, some of these experiences had been more uplifting than others.
But now, I've been flabbergasted! One of my former students in on the Georgia Sex Offender page, for false imprisonment of a minor except by a parent, whatever that is. Now, some of the people there are kids just old enough who had sex with a girl just a little too young, and now they have this dead elephant to drag around the rest of their lives. Go see some of the pictures of these creeps. Man, they are fuck-all Nasty! And the question just begs to be asked- what mother in her right mind would allow her child to be alone with one of the men? Ugh.

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Mrs. Who said...

My husband's ex-wife is one of 'those mothers'...she married a sex offender and hid it from us for three years (they lived 2000 miles away). It still took us tens of thousands of dollars and several years to get my husband's sons permanently removed from that situation. Those kinds of women are simply sick themselves.