Thursday, January 03, 2008

Useless Knowledge

I realized recently, after looking at my site meter and discovering just how many people Google "useless knowledge" and come here looking for some, that here at HofUK I don't give much knowledge, useless or otherwise.

So did you know:

  • grocery shopping burns about 200 calories per hour
  • house cleaning burns about 270 calories per hour
  • playing pool for an hour burns 230 calories
  • walking a 20 minute mile for an hour burns about 300 calories
  • but a 15 minute mile for an hour burns about 450!!!!
  • and one 5 minute wrestling match burns a whopping 550 calories!!
  • Your brain needs about 260 calories a day, which is equal to about 60 M&Ms.

Go here and scroll down to the bottom for more useless info,

1 comment:

KurtP said...

Just a word to the wize.
Before Big Al Sharpton or Jesse start protesting you...Maybe you should rethink your blogs contraction.