Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am a lucky woman. I have the greatest friends! One of my Friends is like a gazelle: long, lanky, full of grace. Another one bubbles over with laughter whenever we get together. My two very closest friends here both have skills I wish I had. I'm very glad they like me and are willing to use their skills on my behalf.

Kim, the gazelle, can organize anything. She is amazing! She can get more stuff packed into such a small space- whether is kids clothes, her clothes, the stuff she accomplishes in a day- doesn't matter. If I need to know how to pack or organize a thing, I know Kim will help me.

Michelle (my Belle!) always makes me feel better. Such courage she has, such spirit! I feel timid and mousy sometimes around her. And she can decorate/paint! Which I happen to suck at, by the way. I recently told her I had come to a decision that I needed to paint or move. Preferably move since I'm so bad at painting. She offered to help me paint! Here's another thing I love about her- her laughter. Those of you at Helen know how funny she is and how much she likes to laugh.

So what do I have to offer? Well, I like to cook for people, and I'm becoming pretty handy at fixing washers and dryers. Can dish washers be so far off? Give me an online computer and I'm set for fixing that sucker, I bet.

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Michelle said...

Blush, sigh, smile & wink!