Thursday, January 03, 2008

Whatcha Watching?

Back to work today, I'm afraid. My days of leisure are behind me, a distant memory to replay in my mind when everything gets to be to much for my overworked mind.
Ah, Hell, I like work. If I didn't work I'd stay in the house compulsively cleaning. Or sleeping, or worse, watching television, maybe even those insipid soap operas!

Speaking of soap operas, I used to watch them with my mother- As the World Turns, Days of Our Lives. Bo and Hope were teenagers and Marlena and what's-his-face were normal non-cloned people. This was 25 years ago, too. Glad to see they've got good job security there. And Young and the Restless- is that still on? Victor was divorcing some woman and dating Nikki- who worked in a hair salon at the time, and she wasn't all hoity-toity, either. I wonder if there are women who have been watching those shows since the early eighties, when I was? When I was about 18 I finally realized I did not like those kinds of shows. I didn't get into Dallas, or Dynasty, or any of those glitzy larger than life shows. I liked ER for a while, but once George Clooney left the show I just stopped watching.

When Pete was born she had some pretty serious medical issues and had to stay in the ICU at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. The hospital was about 70 miles from our house, so I would stay with my mother who only lived 20 minutes from there. I would get home kinda late at night and would need to de-stress before I went to sleep. I would watch Trauma: Life in the ER. I would catch myself thinking, "At least my daughter's illness wasn't that bad."

I watched Superman with Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher with my son, he loved Ms. Hatcher, wanted me to cut my hair like hers. Heh. Oh yeah, West Wing was a fav for me, as well. My mother would call me right after it was over- what did you think? After she died I couldn't watch that show for a while. Now I guess I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy, a guilty pleasure, to be sure. It's gotten a bit silly this year, maybe they can pull it out of the garbage can.
Pete has really gotten into Law and Order, she's watched about a thousand of those shows over the last week. Well, maybe only 50. But still, that's a lot of doink-doink.

Ah, to have my days filled with enough stuff that I don't feel compelled to watch TV.

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