Sunday, February 24, 2008

Conversations with Re-Pete

Re-Pete and I were strolling through Target last night- she kept a running commentary as we walked through the aisles:

"I like that, it's shiny"
"I saw that on television, you need it" (who says advertising doesn't work)
"I want that"
"We have one of those"
"I have to fart"
"I lifted my leg up to let the bubble out" as she hikes her leg.

Of course, I glance around to see who might have over heard her. She tends to attract an audience. She's 5 now, but still looks really small at 41 inches. She still wears 4T pants. So she attracts some attention when people hear her big ideas and thoughts coming from what looks like a toddler. She'll need to get used to that.

I have a very great friend, T. She and I went to college together, she's uber-smart. She's about 5'1", with shoes. She has listened all her life to people saying "Gee, I didn't realize you were so short." To which she replies with
"You are the evolutionary freak. Tall in the genetic abnormality." She really chews them out. And if the person is black/Jewish/Hirsute she will say, "Gee, I didn't realize you were so dark/Jewish/hairy." That usually has the desired effect of throwing their words back on them.

Funny, I never thought of her as short. She has such a strong personality. I just see this really great woman.

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