Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The girls and I were running late last night for Family Reading Night. We were hoofing it to the car when one of my students drove by, honked and waved.
Now, I don't live in the community I work in, rather in the next little community. I can't go to the store without seeing one of my students, but my home has been not a secret, but not known. We like it that way. Work is separate for me. But this kid saw me walking the dog one day, and, well, there you go. Of course, he delights in announcing to the class that he knows where I live, and has even talked to me after school and knows what my dog looks like.

I'm not sure if he's trying to boast to curry favor or sell the information to the highest bidder.

After he drove by, the conversation went like this:

Pete: Who was that?

Mom: One of my students.

Pete:How does he know where we live?

Mom: He just drove past us, and waved.

Pete: How did he know it was you?

Mom: (Bou blink) He knows what I look like and recognized me?

Oh, well. I guess she can't be a genius all the time.


Erica said...

When I was a kid, teachers used to be like...immortal super heroes, and when I saw my fourth grade teacher at the mall once, it was a very big deal.

OMG, she shops?? In the mall??? Like me??

Well! Where I work, we are running a story, which will appear in next Thursday's paper, about a teacher who works at a school not far from me, who will be on some reality show about a nanny with super powers who will make her and her husband's kids learn how to behave, and will teach the parents (one of whom, as I said, is a school teacher) how to discipline their own children., parents of students in this teacher's class (not to mention, millions of network television viewers) can watch this woman's home life unravel on the small screen, and they will derive all the warmth and comfort of knowing their children are entrusted to this woman.

Things have changed so since I was a kid, and it wasn't even all that long ago.

Bou said...

As a kid I was always surprised if I saw a teacher in public. They have a life? My kids are the same way. "Mom! Mom! Mom! My teacher! She is in PUBLIX!!!" Like teachers don't have to eat... or shop... or have a life. Bones just now realizes they don't actually LIVE at school.