Monday, March 03, 2008

More Evidence for the Dumbing Down of America

***for some reason I cannot format this the way I want it. Maybe because I've been up too long and all my brains leaked out.***

A day without music is a sad event here at HofUK. We listen all the time.
Currently, it's Puddle of Mud, some rocker guys. I like his voice, some of the
songs are pretty good, some lame-O. Control is pretty racy...

I love the way you look at me
I feel the pain you place inside
Lock me
up inside ya dirty cage
While Im alone inside my mind
I like to teach
you all the rules
Id get to see them set in stone
I like it when you
chain me to the bed
There ya secrets never shone

and there's this gem...

I love the way you look at me
I love the way you smack my ass
I love the dirty things you do
I have control of you

Bob Dylan they're not. But catchy, nonetheless.

In my day we had Ice Cream Man, by Van Halen

Now summertimes here babe, need somethin to keep you cool
Ah now summertimes
here babe, need somethin to keep you cool
Better look out now though, daves
got somethin for you
Tell ya what it is
Im your ice cream man, stop me
when Im passin by
Oh my my, Im your ice cream man, stop me when Im passin by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy
Hold on a second baby

I got good lemonade, ah, dixie cups
All flavors and push ups too
Im your ice cream man, baby, stop me when Im passin by
See now all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy
Hold on, one more
Well, Im usually passin by just about eleven oclock
Uh huh, I never stop, Im usually passin by, just around eleven oclock
And if you let me cool you one time, youll be my regular stop
All right boys

I don't think they were really talking about frozen
confectionaries, do you? But lately, music has gone to shit... We've got
Soulja Boy. (ah, for shit's sake, didn't that boy's mother teach him how to
spell or is she fonetikile chalunjed 2?) And he dances quite.... lamely....
my son used to pretend he was Superman, but he outgrew it. There's just
something .... wrong/lame/ridiculous about teenage boys dancing in
tandem and pretending to fly. The good news is that this dancing makes
it harder for them to get dates and teen pregnancy rates are
dropping.... especially in their Droopy drawers. Don't get me started
on those emo boys wearing girls jeans so tight and low they cannot keep
them up. Sometimes at the end of the day I have this urge to clean my desks with toilet bowl cleaner, there's been so much bare ass in them.

And the HAIR!

We let our son choose his hair styles and color, but at least he didn't look
like his little sister cut it. I swear, If my son came home with his hair
the way some of my kids wear it, I'd just have to pay for another year of
therapy and tell him he looked fucking stupid.

and what's up with grammar these days? I don't even want to think
about the "To the Left" song.

But what really gets my grits right now is Fergie and her Big
Girls Don't Cry. I'm not posting a link. But really. Comparing lover to a
baby blanket?
I'm speechless.

Music is art. A way of communicating beauty and feelings and
whatnot. I'm sure there are more poetic ways to say it (Joan and Eric can
step in here with a line or 4), but music should convey intelligent
thought, or at least sentience. There's nothing wrong with a little double
entendre, but it should at least be above elementary school level.

Seriously, though. I worry. What does it say about our culture,
future, presence, if this kind of crap is mainstream? Just how dumb will our grandchildren be?

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Anonymous said...

.... music is art, indeed.... but some of the stuff that is out right now is just plain moronic.....