Saturday, March 01, 2008

under seige

Something took up residence in the back of my throat yesterday- Hobgoblins, Fortnits, Shetani, Woolyboogers, Boggarts, I knoweth not. But they're busy little fuckers. Scratching and clawing at my uvula and Eustachian tubes. Little bastards. I shot 'em with Tylenol and Phenol (I think they still put that in Chloraseptic) and several Throat Drops. Now, for the lack of any other weapons, I'm scalding them with hot coffee. Somehow they've gotten through the layers between throat and muscle and are making my neck and shoulders ache. Lousy bastards. And I was clean today, and go shopping for groceries. Maybe even to the park.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

eww! Sounds seriously serious.

Mend. Sleep. Perfect excuse to Slack.


WTF with word veri?

Lookit this: bnukdkiz

I swear it knows I'm dyslexic.