Sunday, March 16, 2008

A story

A friend of mine related this story to me about a set of mutual friends we had.

I would never have told a soul about this.

It was a beautiful evening. The couple had enjoyed a wonderful dinner, drinking red, red wine. And more red, red wine, and then.... some more red, red wine. They watched the sun setting over their pool in the back yard, just the two of them. Things began to heat up, get frisky, amorous even. She decided to perform a certain sex act for him, on him, so to speak. Faster she went, the more involved he got with his hands in her her hair.

Then, it happened.

Her gag reflex kicked in and out came dinner and ALL the red, red, wine.
In mid-act, don't you know.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "blow-job" huh?


KurtP said...

Good thing they had a source of water nearby to wash up in.

Mrs. Who said...

I'm with you...I would never have told anyone. No one.

And never drunk red wine again.