Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sheesh, have I been an absentee landlord or what? I've been working some crazy hours lately, accomplishing some stuff. Really don't have lot to say.
I tried to stay away from television on Earth Day for fear of seeing Al Gore. My head spins and vomit spews... not pretty, trust me. Yeah, I know, clean up the planet, recycle, use less fuel.... yada yada yada. And it's true. I live and work in the same community. I keep my heat and AC at decent levels. We've instituted a recycling program here at the compound. I drive at the speed limit (mostly) to conserve gas. Hell, I'd fart in a bucket and use it for fuel if I could figure out a way.

Our "new" principal is now our "old" principal, and the "new new" principal came in today and told us he couldn't wait for next year and all the "fun we're going to have". To which the "old old" principal replied that he could start now. That was nice.

Great. I hope that by "fun" he means having a set a rules that teachers are expected to enforce and students are expected to follow. And maybe a masseuse once a week. Now that would be fun.

Let's just hope I can keep my head down. Do my job as best as I can and don't talk to anyone else. At least I'll be in the new building and have nice facilities. At least new desks and clean windows. No graffiti for a few days in the girls bathroom.


supergurl said...

ahhh. sounds good, holder. enjoy the facilities! (sounds like toilet humor, but it was supposed to be institutional learning humor) the new principal sounds a little flakey, what's your read? improvement?

Holder said...

as long as he shows up every day i will be an improvement

Mrs. Who said...

I hate changing principals...I did it once where the old principal died, and they replaced him with a pregnant, blonde, white chick. Who spoke no Spanish. Over 80% of the parents spoke no English. Hired her over the Hispanic assistant principal. Turns out the white chick was the wife of a board member.

Glad I'm gone from there.