Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sightings and other news

Sorry about the lack of posting. My computer crapped out on me. Now I have to get up in the middle of the night to get on my husband's computer to post.

I was standing in line at the store today and happened to look at the woman in front of me, just a side glance really. And she looked so much like my mother I almost called her "Mom"- Sort of took my breath away, it did. My mother died 5 years ago this month, so it was a shock to my system.

In other news, my very good friend is finally able to move away, for which I am very glad for her, but very, very sad for me. She is moving literally halfway around the world. Can't get much farther than that.

People in my life continue to amaze me by their acts of kindness. I have witnessed people being very good to one another, which gives me hope.

I still live in fear of my husband's death. I know, freaky. I just can't shake the feeling that he will die before me and that I need to somehow practice being without him. Gah, it's awful.

I betcha you're really happy you stopped at my site today, huh? You know where you should go for a better read? Rachel Lucas' site. She always cracks me up.

I'll be better soon, and I'll share some more from that book about scientists I'm reading.

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supergurl said...

and here i had no idea you worried about your husband's death. sorry, that sounds like a rough worry to bear. don't worry tho. he is young, in great shape and most of all, hopelessly in love with you.