Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A whole new meaning

Today I was yammering on about velocity and we got sidetracked about gas prices and such (and who doesn't?) We were looking at the following:

given that:
-according to Clark Howard, most cars are most fuel efficient at around 60 mi/hr.
- for every 5 mi/hr above that you are traveling you lose 10% fuel efficiency
- for every ten miles you travel and every 5 mi/hr increase in speed you only gain about 1.5 minutes (do the math!!!)
- gas is a motherfucking cocksucking gottdamming holy effing sheepshit BATMAN $3.39 a gallon
-a car with 25 mpg would gain an extra 65 gallons for doing 65 instead of 75 in its daily doings, which for my car is about $10. Moral being slow down, save money, not really worth the time gained.

And then it happened.

I gave out directions for our activity and we began, everything went swimmingly, when suddenly a student asked me a question. Seems she'd heard from "somewheres" that your car used less gas if you slowed down and could I explain that to her.

Gives a whole new meaning to

"secure the student's attention before proceeding"

Bless her heart...

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Joan of Argghh! said...

Yes, everyone, please slow down. But stay in the fucking RIGHT lane if you do. Don't be hatin' on me cuz I'm driving faster than you!!

I rarely catch Clark on the radio, but I did hear that particular airing. Meh. I'll pack my own lunch before I'll join the slow set.

Gas is $3.50 here in NE Floriduh, btw. Sheesh.