Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I saw him, just once, and knew I had to meet him

20 years ago Richard and I walked down the aisle. Not together, of course. My father walked me down, with tears in his eyes. I couldn't look at my hubby to be for fear of giggling.

I crossed my left hand over to him so he could slide the ring on (actually I think there was some shoving involved). I tried to put the ring on his right hand! I figured that since I had crossed my arm over, so should he. Heh. I thought (just for a nanosecond) he was trying to pull out of the marriage. Still cracks me up.

We've had our ups and downs (like a roller coaster- what movie is that from, dangit?) as you do, and we had some moments in our life that I'm glad we'll never go back to, and some I can re-live in my mind a thousand times and still smile. We have our private jokes that make us giggle. We have three wonderful children.
He's like my chocolate- I cannot be without him for long. My friends tease me about it. That's okay. I just smile. When so many people get divorced, some more than once, I wonder why they can't be more like us. I guess we were made for each other.

I love you, Darling. Here's to 50 more!


Erica said...

Mazel tov to both of you, and many many more happy years together.

Omnibus Driver said...

Oh you kids. You make me green with envy. Congratulations, and here's to at least 20 more!

SuperGurl said...

yes, congrats. i love all five of ya, good to the bone everyone.

sorry i keep missing you. horrid migraine the other day, has got me behind with everyone. 4pm central is my primetime, please try again.

lover you & happy anniversary
see ya in a month!!

Tina said...

The movie may be "Your, Mine, and Ours".

Anonymous said...

.... "Parenthood"!!.... congratulations to you both!....


Mrs. Who said...

Happy belated anniversary! We need more folks like you and your hubby...the world would be a much better place.

Dash said...

I'm a little late to the party, but congratulations are in order anyway. That's a helluva milestone. We're pushing 18 years this summer and you're right - it's tough sometimes, but worth the effort. Here's to many many more for you two.