Monday, June 09, 2008

Today in my mailbox:

eat hot foods and lose weight, and try something called "colonaid" to get a flatter tummy and "A flat belly through food- a breakthrough science based approach"

Crap, here I was eating veggies, working out and drinking water.

What was I thinking?

I should be eating hot soup full of sodium, drinking shit-aid and eating moo-fahs (chocolate, avocados, olives, and nuts and seeds to have a belly Vin Diesel, I mean um, My husband will drool over. Okay, maybe not drool, 'cuz that's gross. But definitely appreciate, yeah appreciate and um, other stuff.

Alright Ladies, lunch at my place next week!

1 comment:

Mrs. Who said...

I've been doing it wrong, too!

I'll bring chocolate to the luncheon. And I'll try not to eat too much on the way. But if it's good for you, what can I say?