Sunday, May 18, 2008

Island Salad

I had a really great time Saturday, even getting quite drunk on Chocolate Vodka. There must have been some strange Brain waves going around, since three people had the Chocolate Goodness. Zonker (YAYYY!) even brought Cherry Vodka to mix with it. Mmmmmmm. Ellison and SWMBO came, much to our delight, and we decided to trade recipes- Island Salad for that Wonderful Cake he brought. I tried to email it to them, but I don't have his address. If you see him, tell him to stop by here and get the recipe. This can be doubled or trebled or quadrebled quite easily.

The party was a hit, but I did not make nearly enough of this stuff. Here is my recipe. I got it by watching this really great guy make it when we were in the Bahamas. This is so incredibly easy to make, but comes out so very, very fresh.

6 tomatoes, somewhat firm
1 medium onion
3 bell peppers, I like to use different colors to make it prettyful, Red and orange give it a milder flavor than the green
sea salt, or kosher, 'tis up to you
pepper- I use jalapeno, but habenero rocks,too.
3-4 cans minced clams

You can spend much time slicing and dicing all the veggies, or you can pulse them in a food processor. I do each veggie separately and make sure I don't over-do the pulse. I put the veggies in a colander (you have several of those, don't you, Ellison?) to drain thoroughly. It's important to get the liquid out, since you'll be adding citrus back in later.
I put 3-4 cans of minced clams in there to drain as well.

I chop the jalapeno by hand, adding a liberal amount of sea salt to the mix to release the flavor and heat, Scovilles, anyone?

Mix it all up in your favorite bowl, and then add the juice of several limes and at least 3 oranges. Taste and add heat and salt as needed.

Chill and serve with the beverage of your choice.


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Elisson said...

It was delish, that salad.

The chocolate vodka wasn't too shabby either...especially with some cherry vodka dumped in.

Oh, and did I forget the ribs, the brats, and the burgers? No, I did not. It all rocked.

Happy (early) anniversary, you lovebirds!