Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Babble babble babble

So we're on Day 3 of Virus 2008. We have runny noses and general malaise and lethargy. Can you have both of those at one time, you ask? You can if you're five and eat little of nothing to begin with.
I'm busy trying get the house ready for Saturday. I've ordered mild weather- Sunny, but not hot. It looks like it will be delivered on time.

If you know me and know where I am, consider yourself invited to the BBQ. We're celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary. At least drunk dial us.

It is currently 63 degrees here, in the middle of May. At least the house will get a good airing out.
Speaking of airing out, on the way home this morning ( I actually made it to work for about 2 hours before having to leave) Re-Pete sneezed, coughed, and farted all at the same time. Then said, "Ewwww, that stinks" and then giggled at herself.

Whilst I'm babbling about nothing in particular, I had a dream the other night that there were these two people- broccoli people, that were chasing me while I was at the county fair. I was standing by the dart throw when I saw them. They were Very Tall, as some broccoli people are, I guess. They were hybrids, not the short fat kind, but the tall skinny kind- Rapini, I think. I remember on had a fuchsia top. Not a shirt, but her/it's flowery part was fuchsia. I was a little jealous that she had that color and I didn't. Someone standing beside said she looked "pretty cool." I turned around to run off.... and that's all I remember.

Now, I know dreams have hidden meanings. Do you guys (all 3 of you) have any thoughts as to what my dream might mean?


Joan of Argghh! said...

You sure they weren't a coupla rhubarbs? Rhubarbs are known to blend into their surroundings, and take on different characteristics.

Tall and skinny? If I'm dreaming "tall and skinny" then I know I'm really dreaming!

Anonymous said...

Well, Joan, you have a point. But I still want to know the secret message