Monday, May 12, 2008

Antibodies and entero viruses

I learned something new today. Entero viruses can affect more than one part of your body, apparently. Re-Pete has tonsillitis (swollen tonsils) due, probably, to an entero virus. I thought it was the entero virus that gives you diarrhea and the pukes. Now, it can also give you a sore throat.


Which led, of course, to a discussion on why viruses only make you sick once and the role of antibodies in your bodies. No funny quips this time, drats. Pete's usually good for a funny quote, she just thought the information for the antibody would be kept in the brain, I guess because that's where memories are kept. Makes sense. But of course, antibodies are proteins and the instructions or "memory" for those are stored in your DNA.

Man, I'm smart, huh? Mayhaps we need a refresher from Dr. Doches. Haven't seen her in a while. Maybe I can get her to do a post on memories in the body.

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