Sunday, May 11, 2008

Makes a Certain Kind of Sense

You just never know what will come out of my children's mouth. This time it was Pete. The conversation went something like this:

Pete: Do Chickens eat worms?
Mom: I'm not sure. They do on TV but that that doesn't make it real. I know they eat grains.
Re-Pete: Birds (pronounced bo-wuds) eat worms.
Pete- Some birds eat dead things. Like vultures. If you lay really still they'll come peck at you.

...... Bou blink .....

Mom: I'm pretty sure you have to have that dead-smell for them to peck at you.
Pete: Or if your hugging a dead person outside and get that smell on you and then you lay down really still.

...... crickets chirping in the silence....

Mom: Maybe so.

Reminds me of a shirt my sister used to have:

If you can Dazzle 'Em with Your Brilliance,
Baffle 'Em with Your Bullshit.

1 comment:

Bou said...

Good Grief, that is hysterical. Because you know... we frequently hug dead people and then lay down really still outside. I can't quit laughing at that!