Saturday, August 09, 2008

I have a theory

...for just about everything, I guess. But this one is about the way some women name their children. I think they use the Scrabble bag. No, seriously. I think they reach their hands into the bag and pull out a bunch, and then see what names can be made. If it's a girl, add an -ia to the end.

Case in point.

I have a student, who through no fault of her own, had a Mother who named her with the Scrabble Bag. She had something like 3 consonants and 6 vowels in her name (including the -ia at the end). After two days of butchering her name, she says to me, she says, " Ms. (Holder), jus' call me "K" like my Momma does, she can't say my name neither." (Say this with a drawlllll, ya'llllll)

Heh, that's just given me the 24 hour chuckles, it has.

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Erin said...

Too funny...poor child.

One year in one class, I had two Nathans, a Ryan, two Brians, Siobvan (Shu-von), TreVaughn, Dion, Tremon, Devon (Dee-von) tongue was tripping over names all year long.