Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympian Thoughts

My Darling Husband has some thoughts on why the Olympics should not have been held in China.
Let me start out by saying I agree completely. He says it much better than I can, so go read his account. I still remember watching that man stand in defiance against that tank. Everywhere the tank went, he was sure to go. The courage that took! Our little town here named a small park in honor of Tienanmen Square. (but it has since changed names, which disappointed me to no end.)

On an aside, one of my friends, who is British, made a comment that Americans think their way is best. Duh! Of course it is. But, that doesn't mean, necessarily, that I want to shove it down anyone's throat. I just think it is our our right, as Humans, to be treated with dignity and respect.

Anyway, back to why I will watch the Olympics.

1. I think these games surpass/transcend/rise above/crash through (choose your fav here) political ideals/shortcomings/aspirations. It is the one time that we come together globally for a common goal. Well, maybe not the only time, but certainly when we come together when there has not been some sort of natural disaster on an epic scale, or the unbelievable death of a beloved leader.

2. These athletes train from a very young age and their entire lives are built around this training. I support and admire their efforts. I will cheer them on, even noisily sometimes. They represent the Best of Our Best. And the highly competitive part of me wants our side to Win! Win! Win!

3. Did you see the men's gymnasts on the still rings? If my hubby could do that, I'm pretty sure I'd have a set installed above our bed. (That was waaay too much information again, wasn't it?)

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Anonymous said...

... damnation, woman..... #3 WAS way too much information...... I guess that Richard can crack a lot more than just a bunch of eggs!...