Sunday, November 02, 2008

I feel fairly certain that at some point in the future I will begin having interesting thoughts in my head again. For the 6 of you still coming by, thanks for staying with me. I'm sorry I suck so bad lately, I wish I could blame it on being busy but I can't. I bore the Hell out of myself these days, no sense putting all y'all to sleep as well.
My life is a monotonous chain of work, home, clean, work, rinse, repeat.

I did finally manage to wash my car. I had to take it to the Dealership to have the engine repaired (twice) and then realized that the inside was pretty nasty.

I am probably going to see 3 Doors Down in December, I really like them so I should enjoy the show. My son will be home, so I'm dragging him along, too.

My students this year have reached a new level of immaturity. They can't convert a fraction to a decimal (this is high school, remember). I don't have a problem teaching them that, but it just surprises me. They don't know how to graph either. So I'll teach them that, too.

Oh, and I had a parent threaten to complain to our standards committee that I was penalizing his son repeatedly for his ADHD. Because I counted him tardy. Which is county policy. And the kid isn't even in Special Ed. Any way, both the county office and my principal tell me not to worry. So I won't.

Now I remember why I've been so silent. I'm taking my Mother's advice:

If you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


Mrs. Who said...

If your district is anything like mine, the kid would have to be officially 'labeled' with 'special ed' in order to have such a modification administered.

That usually keeps them from going further.

KurtP said...

But those are what make the best posts.

kerrcarto said...

Soon the special ed classes will be for the normal kids.