Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Boy needs his Daddy

So I have this student. I vent about him to my family a couple of times a weeks, easy. He's smart. But he gets his way by pushing people away and pushing people's buttons. He lies, cheats, bullies, smarts off and is, in general, a pain in my ass.

Of course, I only have one set of rules in my class room- my way or the highway. And he regularly gets himself in trouble.
This kid brings a whole new meaning to the word "cheating". And lying. I'll tell you what, that boy would rather climb up a tree and tell you a lie than stand on the ground and tell you the truth.

And when you bust him on it- as I always do, he just smiles. And then we get to spend ten minutes explaining to his mother why, yes, indeed, her son did do that, and he's not worming his way out of it (no offence to worms, mind you).

So we have a great project we do every year. To protect this asshat's privacy (he deserves that) I won't give out too much, but it's so cool, the rest of the teachers in my department do it too.

Anywhats, he photocopies another student's work and turns it in as his own. Dumbass. It's not even a good photocopy. His mother wants to know if I saw the one he did at home.

Get this- I just had a conference with his mom this week. I told her, "Your son is a liar and a cheat. If he spent a fraction of the time actually doing his work that he spent getting out of it he would be passing. If I stopped teaching every time he did something wrong I'd never get anything done. Besides that, I have 25 other kids in that class room that deserve an education and he does not have the right to keep it from them. And that from then on, every time he caused a disruption in my classroom he would be sent to the office. period."

I felt terrible saying those word to her. I was disappointed in myself that I had not been able to reach him. I felt bad for her as a mother. Imagine being told those things about your own flesh and blood.
Who was a teenager.
These character traits usually don't just pop up (unless there are some chemicals mixed in). So this has happened before, been said to her before.

This boy, whose piggy toes she kissed as a baby, whose 1st steps are cherished memories, the boy she taught to ride a bike. He has brought him self to this place. It must break her heart.

Now, I ask you. How would you react?

I can garan-damn-tee you that I would check my child out of school right then and then proceed to beat the every-living shit out of him/her. In front of God and country.

You know why he acts like that? He didn't have a daddy to beat his ass when he needed it.

I know there are plenty of kids who do right because it is right, but there are times when a boy needs a spanking from his Daddy. Straigtens 'em out every time.

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