Sunday, February 08, 2009

It was a good day, or Bloody Marys!

Yannow, we get so busy doing things for our jobs, children, spouses, and any other demand on our life that we forget to do things for ourselves.

Or at least I do.

I love my life. I have a job I really enjoy doing. I saw one of my former students yesterday. That's not hard to do in this town, I can't fart around here without hitting someone I used to teach. She had some pretty serious attendance issues when I taught her. On the rare occasion when she was in my class I couldn't always tell if I was getting through to her, but she was respectful to those around her. I asked her who her favorite teacher was and she can't say me because I knew better. She got really quiet and then said, "But you were. You made it interesting, and I could tell you cared."

Yeah, that made me feel good.

I got to have dinner with my good friend Kim. I've known her since Pete was 18 months or so. We always make time this time of year for our birthdays. It took us a while to get it planned, but we finally did it.

And then to top off the day, another good friend of mine came over with Almost World Famous Bloody Marys and I (painstakingly, with much slicing and dicing, without the use of the food processor) made my Almost Town Famous Island Salad, extra Jalapeno.

It was great day....

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