Saturday, April 11, 2009


Pete the Amazing is growing into her elevenness. She's not really a baby anymore, wants to be treated differently. Boss people around, set her own rules. She's really smart and knows how to get things done. She also has quite a mouth on her lately. She told me I was lazy the other day. What is it about mothers and daughters that makes them butt heads so much? Or makes us such buttheads? I know it's just a growing process and I need to step back and let it happen, but Man! it's hard. I'm sure I could be nicer to her and she could be nicer to me. I can only hope it's easier with her than it was with her brother...I know, yeah, right.
Well, at least she's not interested in dressing like a whore in super tight pants and tiny shirts. Not that I would allow that, but at least I am not having to fight that fight right now.

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H2o said...

We're going through this right now. DD will be 12 on the 1st of May. I'm also happy DD doesn't want to dress like a ho. I have a roll of duck tape at my desk and I have taped up my fair share of tops. I tell them I don't want to see the girls...