Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Out of the mouths of Petes

My darling husband is a district manager for a famous chain of restaurant's around here. Some of the waitresses have reached a certain (expiration) point where they number of tattoos they have starts to exceed the number of teeth..One of the guys there refers to them as TNT- "Toothless and Tattooed".

Keep that in mind...

Last night at dinner I was telling the girls that I had a tooth that I would either need a root canal for or get it pulled. Since it's in the very back of my mouth and will cost me about $900 for the root canal, I'm leaning towards just getting the damn thing pulled. That's more than I paid for my first car. (Damn, that makes me old....)

So Pete the Eleven says, "Great, then you'll be a Toothless Wonder!"



Sam said...

I'm telling you...spend the 900 now, and get it capped / crowned. You'll want it back later. Can't re-grow a tooth. Later, when you want it back, it will cost you much more for a titanium implant...and you will want it back.

People always talk about how bad root canals are...that's bullshit. I've had one. My mouth was sore from all those tools and hardware they put in my mouth while performing the "root canal", but afterward...no pain at all. They take the roots and nerves out. Impossible to feel any tooth pain after the fact.

Do it!!!

El Capitan said...

Q: What's got 6 legs and 10 teeth?

A: The swing shift at Waffle House!