Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My class is great! Except for a few hiccups- the worst one being the air. See, the thermostat is stuck in a little alcove, along with the emergency shower and eye wash station. I'll go ahead and mention that my computer and subsequent power outlet are less than 2 feet from said shower and eye wash. So if anybody ever needs to use it, they'll probably get electrocuted and the thermostat will need to be replaced! There is also no air flow into the alcove or in the rest of the front of the room (where I spend about 10 minutes out of every 60), so it stays a little warmer there. So, you guessed it, everyone in the actual classroom room is freezing while I'm sweating my ass off.

Oh, and one of my students decided to show up 15 minutes late from break reeking of cigarette smoke. Yeah.

We're running through the curriculum like our hair is on fire and our asses are catching. Or is it our ass is on fire and our hair is catching? Or maybe our feet are on fire and our asses are catching... Now I'm confused....

But it was a great 1st day....!

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