Saturday, September 12, 2009

Butterfly Nebula

Had to post somethnig just to get that shit off the screen about The One's Speech.

I know, I'll tell you stories....

Pete, a 6th grader, has enough hair on her legs that I could just about braid it. Echh. So it was time. I got her a decent razor- not a disposable, and taught her how. It took forever! Her hair was so long she had to swish the razor with every pull up her leg. Damn. But she was positively enamored by her legs! She kept staring at them and rubbing her hand on them. I should name her Narcissa.

Which, come to think of it, would be a good nickname for me as well.

Her father gets home, and she doesn't even say hello. It's "Mommy taught me how to shave, see?"
To which he replied, "I am not rubbing your leg"

Heh, that poor man. Just wait till she gets her period.

Pete is having a play date today. Finally. Her other friend in the neighborhood only lives here part time since his parents are divorcing.
The down side to having someone over is that the play room needs cleaning.
I gave up on their play room a couple of months ago. I'm just tired of being the parent that cleans that room. Should have known better. Now I've got to spend several hours in there getting crap put back in order, cleaning out stuff they don't play with, crap like that.

I have another project now this year. The local college has a grant to do science camps aimed at different age groups. I've signed the kids up- it's 5 dollars a kid for 3 hours of science inquiry. I'm game...One of the teachers involved asked me if I wanted to help run a few classes.

Oh, yes, you betcha, I want to sooo much!

So I am working a class on the days the girls are there. Hell, I might even get paid to do it. But, more importantly, I get my foot in the door.

I also get to learn how to write a teacher quality grant. And set up a class to teach teachers for the week. And plan a few field trips.

But at least I'll be done with my big research project to my EdS by summer, so that's good.
Oh, I am soooo bored writing this post, let alone reading it.

You poor people reading this.

But my little goldfish-like brain just cannot retain anything funny or smartass-ery anymore.

I'll make it up to you-here is a pretty picture just for you.

I used to think these pictures were false-colored (add color to the different gases or types of radiation) but I don't think they are.. It's a Baby Star, A Twin. But one that will have a short life, only a few more thousand years... What you are seeing is a Star Core that is ejecting energy, ionizing all the material around it. This picture also happens to be the first one taken by the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile. (Can you imagine John Cleese saying Very Large Telescope? It would even sound capitalized)

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