Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Speech

Both the elementary and middle schools in my district are watching the speech. Re-Pete, the first grader, can sit in the hall and read while everyone else watches (read- be excluded). I'm not sure what is in place for Pete.
My opinion? I think they should hear differing opinions, but with my supervision. So I am letting them watch with their class and an open mind, and without any rude behavior. I want them to listen carefully, and be ready to write down any questions they have. And then come home to me and we will watch it together, (as distasteful as it is to me to have to listen to him.)
I have read his speech, and if that is all he says, it might not be so bad. As a teacher I like some of it: your home life is no excuse for poor academic behavior, if you want something in your life, a good education will be necessary, you'll never know what you are good at until you try.

Pete said it was boring and Re-Pete said he told her to "get a job and go to high school"
So much for that....

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