Monday, September 07, 2009

I am no music expert, but Jack White's newest endeavor , The Dead Weather, just seems to grow on me. I have listened to this song now several times and I really like it. They are coming to town in a few weeks and I would love to hear them live.
The video is interesting. I prefer the "live look" to themed videos any day, so I like that part, but I'm not sure about it in general
It seems at times that they are playing for themselves, not us, but other times it seems quite contrived. Especially when Alison is sharing the mic with Jack. (That might be jealousy on my part, who knows. you have to love a man with that much talent. Or at the very least, it's a turn on that he plays guitar like a bat outta hell and can sing) Watching the video is a bit like being a voyeur. Which a cool in its own way...
But the audience creeps me out a bit, too, mostly for the same reason. I'm not sure what I would be doing if I were front stage center for this song, but it looks more like a group of nasty old men watching donkey sex than people enjoying a good song.

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