Tuesday, September 29, 2009

writing of a different sort

What I've been doing....( if you read this with a Southern Twang it sounds better. Of course, I think everything is better with a little Twang.)

....This (differentiation) might be the toughest challenge for all teachers, especially at the high school level. Secondary teachers have many demands on them in the classroom already. High school classes cover a wide array of topics through the course of a school year, and students can be proficient in some areas and weak in others.
Having to determine the proficiencies and weaknesses for 120+ students every few
weeks and then providing individualized instruction is a daunting task even for
a seasoned veteran. Asking a novice teacher to do this almost seems cruel.
Collegial planning is a prerequisite,then, for making a differentiated classroom a
success. Novice teachers look forward to this process, while some veteran
teachers think of it as too much....

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