Monday, November 30, 2009


One of my friend's daughter came to Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Her family is several thousand miles away, and it's too far of a swim. Both Pete and Re-Pete love her dearly. And she loves them back. One evening the girl/woman and Re-Pete were reading Knock-Knock jokes. One went some thing like this:

Rachel is sitting on the little couch, Re-Pete in her lap, whispering and reading the book submerged under a blanket. Re-Pete sticks her head out of the blanket and says….

“Knock knock”

Says I, Who’s there?

“unwrapped cow”.

….Whispers from Rachel ….

Unwrapped cow Who?

“Wait. Knock knock”

Who’s there?

“Interrupted cow”

Interrupted cow who?

“Wait. Do it again. Knock knock”

Who’s there? (getting the giggles myself at this point)

“Interrupted Cow”



Followed by peals of laughter.

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Bob said...

Yup, when it come to telling jokes, timing is everything.