Thursday, March 18, 2010

Census Footprint

Not really interested in filling out my Census this year. Doesn't really matter though. I expect if the government wanted to know the color of my pee this morning, it very well could. (Red-brown, thanks to some kind of infection, in case you were wondering).
But Ellison, and Jerry, plus probably other, more interesting bloggers than myself, have posted their whereabouts for a the Census years. Seems like fun, and if I don't take a break from my thesis my head may explode.
So here goes:

1960: A Twinkle in my Father's eye
1970: a wee lass of 3, somewhere between Massachussetts, South Carolina, and Georgia. I remember a rattlesnake under a trailer, and sitting in a fire ant bed.
1980: single, 13.  Houston, Texas. I wouldn't have my first kiss until 1981. It was worth the wait! My father had been shot in a robbery two years previously. He suffered brain damage, and was never right after that.
1990: married, one child, Sophomore in college. West Hell, Georgia. Best years of my life!
2000: still married, two children, West Hell, Georgia. back in college for another degree.
2010: still married!, 3 children, West Hell, Georgia, back in college for yet another degree.

Wow, look at that. looks like I've been in college for 20 years! Not bad for a high school dropout...
So, what's your Census Footprint?


Elisson said...

You did the "sitting on a red ant hill" thing as a toddler, too? Kewl!

Omnibus Driver said...

Here's mine. Fun exercise, no?