Saturday, October 28, 2006

Another music post

I have memories for songs, like many of us. I remember when Queen's album News of the World came out. My cousins and my sister and I would sit on the floor of our bedroom, under the window, learning the words to the songs. My aunt gave us each a quarter to learn the words to Bohemian Rhapsody. I was 8.
I remember listening to Christopher Cross's "Sailing" and Captain Hook's "Spending the Night Together" (my mother thought I was too young for that one...) We had a green Pinto, and since there were 5 of us, I always had to ride in the hatchback part. "Another One Bites the Dust"- remember that? "Life's Been Good" by Joe Walsh- we used to get high to that one. Oh, and the summer it all began- I was 10 and listened to Kiss all the time!
When I was 13, my parents ran a Shamrock gas station in Houston. There was a guy, Jeff, that asked my parents if he could ask their daughter out. Of course, they thought he was talking about my older sister... Anyway, she dated him, they got along fine, we were all pretty good friends. The summer Back in Black came out, Jeff drove this little yellow pickup with yellow, orange, and red stripes down the side. We wore out two cassettes of that album, we listened to it so much. I hear "Giving the Dog a Bone" and when it's over I listen for the 1st notes of "Have a Drink on Me"
The Joshua Tree came out about the time I was 18. Man, I loved that album. I drove to Okrakoke Island one Easter weekend in a Fiero listening to that album. I can hardly stand to listen to it now, I'm not a big fan of their music anymore.
And here's a little known fact- I'm a closet Willie Nelson fan. "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", "Hello Walls" "Always on My Mind" Whenever I hear his music, I flash back to when I was 14, swimming at Lake Houston, dancing at Magnolia Gardens, riding on the back of a motorcycle, playing softball, my sister and I hanging out with our boyfriends (who were brothers. She had crappy taste tho- he used to smack her around)
A few random memories

My girlfriend and I listening to Melissa Etheridge until we were crazy and ready to leave our husbands- talk about the power of music!

Some of my favorite ... Ahem... "moments" with my husband include loud rock and roll.

Introducing, instructing my eldest on good music- we've succeeded, he loves music as much as the hubs and I do. It's Pete's turn soon.

Of course, some days the only thing that keeps me from screaming is my ipod (the best present ever, I tell ya!) I keep a few CDs of classical music at school that I listen to during class time. I have a compilation of "relaxing piano music" that's nice, plus some Bach, Wagner, and Beethoven.

I used to want to learn to play the piano so I could learn to play "No one is to Blame"

A day without music is a waste...

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