Thursday, October 26, 2006

I love being in the class room. I wish I could express how right it feels for me there- I'm not nervous, or unsure of myself, I don't doubt my actions. I know I have an important things to do. I like teenagers, mostly. I like the way they think, their spunky-ness. I don't really mind grading papers, it's the price I pay for doing what I love. Even some of the other stuff doesn't bother me-phone calls, work shops, faculty meetings. Most teachers will tell you that they internally assess themselves as they go along- I wish I could explain electricity better, that was a great demo, that worksheet could be better, etc.

Here's what chaps my ass- I have to create a series of goals of how I'm going to increase test scores for my area. Ok, yeah, they need to go up, and I always want to improve my skills, but folks, where, oh where, is there a politician, or council member, or principal that will demand that kids, (and subsequently) their parents, are responsible, for their own learning? People are welcome in my room any time. If they have an opinion- let's hear it. But, I can look through my test scores, student by student, and tell you why 90% failed- homework, studying, paying attention, absenteeism. The other 10%- I should've worked harder. That's my goal-reach those guys.

I really need to remember:

I am only in control of myself.
I can only change myself.
I am in charge of my day.

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