Monday, October 02, 2006

Sick days

Pete's at home with a 103 fever. Not good. It's not strep or the flu, that's good. Doc says she got some type of viral upeer respiratory infection. She's cranky, sore, clingy, did I mention cranky? I just got her to lay on the couch for 25 minutes of sleep. She hasn't moved or made a sound in about 10 minutes, so I hope she's finally nodded off. This could last up to 5 days. Is it me or does it seem that the viral infections are getting worse these days? When our oldest was small, he didn't seem to get sick for a week to seven days at a clip, with a fever and such. Poor girl. Popsicle, anyone?

On the side- I seem to have changed my settings on my counter, hmmm. Does that mean half of you never really came here? How bizarre.

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Lisa W. said...

Viral infections do seem worse...poor Pete... give her a hug from me. KK had the same thing about a week or two ago.