Saturday, June 02, 2007

Can you say "Too much money, not enough brains?"

This is too much, I tell you! $98 million freaking dollars? I'm all for art, but wouldn't CZ's have done the same job? Or peridot? It's made in a similar fashion as diamonds- high temperatures and some pressure deep under ground. Garnets are beautiful, too.
If this had been one of my students, I wouold have given him more homework to fill his free time.
And you know what the numbskull (heh heh) had to say about it?

It shows we are not going to live for ever. But it also has a feeling of
victory over death," Hirst said as the sparkling skull was unveiled to the
public for the first time amid tight security at central London's White Cube

Effing Goober pinhead shit for brains. What a waste. Imagine all the Gosling's I coulda bought...

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Chickie Carmarthen said...

Damn artsy fartsy types...