Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Orleans Memories

When Hubby and I took our first ever vacation together, alone, with no children, after 17 years of marriage, we went to New Orleans. We tried to listen to jazz, but that just set my teeth on edge. We went to a blues club there, don't remember the name, and this guy was playing guitar with a drummer. He was playing some pretty good blues. He would play his guitar with his tongue and teeth. There was this chick there (with her grandmother, of all things) wha was going crazy over him,gyrating. I seem to remeber her having a feather boa, but maybe I was just drunk. The only one I remember is this one. I checked out a few sites to find it live, found on Youtube.
But I thought the guy was singing
"Beat me, beat me with your black drawers on....
If you don't wear your black drawers, don't wear no drawers at all!"

I kinda like that version a little better.

Sooner or later I'll get off my music posts and get back to other mindless crap,

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